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Should I keep 24c plugged into my computer 24/7?

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asked Dec 29, 2019 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by andymatinog (130 points)
Using it plugged into a Mac mini. Is it better to keep it plugged in even when I'm not using it or to unplug it when I'm not recording?

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answered Feb 15, 2020 by heathjefferis (160 points)
Hey Buddy - I usually leave it plugged in 24/7.  BUT - my PC even supplies power to it when shut down, so I switch the PC off at the power swith so the 24c isn't powered-up 24/7.

SO - if after you shut your Mac down, all the lights go off on the 24c, then just leave it alone.

If the normally blue light turns red, then disconnect the 24c or switch off power to your Mac.

Hope this helps ;-)