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Why Does my Studio 24c usb have a buzz when recording, when guitar levels are at 0 or when nothing is plugged in?

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asked May 4, 2022 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by jordanpower1 (120 points)
I know NOTHING about stuff and ive been trying to fix this for a year on my own.

Guitar rig cause it might help:

Epiphone Lp Std with SD Black Winter pickups                 Studio 24 interface                  Samson Active Direct box

This buzz is heard while recording and also on playback while listening to that recording. All other media which i have not recorded has perfect sound without buzz or interferance.

Ive tried solutions like changing cables (instrument cables, powercables and usbs) and different guitars also putting the extension block into a different output and none seems to work. I got a Samson active direct box (to have the signal balance) and I used my warranty to get a replacement Studio 24c because i thought it could just be a faulty box.

My house has perfectly fine grounding and my pc is capable of recording at a low sample rate without any distortion clicks or pops so its not that. ( i use 512 samples and 96,000 Hz. But 44100Hz minorly reduces the buzz by like an atom) . Ps everything is plugged into the same socket.

Ive tried different usb ports and tried my DAC port on my motherboards io and the buzz or hum always stays the same. It sounds like a Radio when you have no signal to the station so it could be RFI or EMI or whatever. I also tried my sisters Laptop and the buzz was still there.

When ever i turn up the gain on my interface the buzz gets louder too and when i play guitar hoping to drown it out it makes amp sims sound horrible. I highered the gain to the max with nothing plugged with a clean channel other than an EQ and the main loudness of the hum was coming from 2KHZ.

I know its not my guitars grounding or my house because when i use my amp which is literally 5 feet away from me its perfectly fine so its really annoying me.

Sorry for my horrible grammar as im just trying to rant everything out that ive tried and is happening to hopefully get helo


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