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could i apply for refund of repeating purchase for studio one

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asked Jan 2, 2020 in Studio One 4 by huaqisong (120 points)
edited Jan 2, 2020 by huaqisong
Excuse me, could i ask help for my “studio one 4” purchases? Because of some errors, i payed twice for studio one4 which i didn’t notice. As a result, i bought two “studio one 4 professional”. Could i apply for refunding for the redundant one?

The fact is: on the 3rd of December, I were going to pay the bill for studio one 4 with the payment of $299 which is really a beautiful price. However, because of the internet error, there was an "error page" appeared which said “cannot connect to the right page and i need to ask help from the internet staff”. So i have thought that my payment must be failed. Then i pressed the “return” button, and i payed my bill.

I haven’t realize that i bought two “studio one” for myself until today i get my credit card bank statement, which made me almost crazy, upset and i have no ideas. The two purchases almost happened at the same time (as you could see form the picture one occurred at 2019-12-6 10:35:43,the other one is 2019-12-6 10:35:50), which means that it was not my original idea (to buy two studio one4s). i have received two passwords but i only use one. As you know that one address can use only one studio account----it is meaningless for me to buy two “studio one”) . now i only use one account.

Could i give back the other “studio one” account and apply for refunding?  Happy new year and sincerely sorry for the inconvenience!

many thanks,

Huaqi song

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