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Bug with Drag n Drop from S1 Browser to Akai Mpc software on Windows 10 - works on Mac

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asked Jan 4, 2020 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by jonhamilton2 (1,900 points)
If you take a look at this post >

you will see this is a long standing bug within windows 10,presonus studio one and Akai MPC software. It is confirmed from Akai developers,that this is exclusively a Presonus issue. This has nothing to do with Akai. Please fix this bug Presonus, this request has been made to the dev's of Presonus via support tickets for over 6 years now! Drag n drop to Mpc software works on mac, but not in windows! It's not a permissions issue, yet some sort of bug not allowing the drag n drop to be sent while in windows.

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answered Jan 7, 2020 by jonhamilton2 (1,900 points)
Do I need to buy another daw that supports the same feature on both mac and pc? Or will the developers finally fix this long outstanding bug??