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StudioLive AR12 - master output meter is lit up when no sound is going through

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asked Jan 5 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by christianlarsen2 (130 points)
My StudioLive AR12 mixer is displaying the first 2 lights on the left channel master output meter when no sound is being played.

I don't hear any sound when turning up my master output volume.

All channel faders are turned down, no sound playing into the mixer,

Turning mixer off/on again does not change what is displayed

After spending sometime looking, i don't see any comments related to this.

Is there a known issue related to this?

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answered Jan 26 by Intrusted (180 points)
I am interested in this also. Mine is the AR8 and mine is on the Right Channel.. Even with everything unplugged minus the power cable its still has two bars lit up.