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Sustain Pedal Not Recording 2020

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asked Jan 6 in Studio One 3 by kneticmusic (120 points)
Unable to record sustain pedal properly with studio one plugins or with third party VST's.

I have followed all previous forum posts, re turning off midi filters for MIDI controller and I have added Sustain On/Off to Midi Edit window and I'm still unable to record normally. No issues when trying same plugins in FL Studio or Ableton.

When a single track is armed and monitoring I can't record sustain at all normally.

Only workaround I found was to duplicate the track, have one track to monitor input the other to record the midi data.

I would seriously like to be able to arm and monitor/record to a single track without having to make a duplicate.

This is simple midi recording, been having this issue for months. I have reinstalled Studio One, even reinstalled Windows 10 - Still no luck.

I can't use Studio One as a DAW currently. Love the program but this is beyond frustrating and definitely why I haven't upgraded further.

Studio One

OS Name:                   Microsoft Windows 10 Home
OS Version:                10.0.18362 N/A Build 18362
System Manufacturer:       Acer
System Model:              Aspire V3-575T

Processor: Intel Core i5-6200U - 2.3ghz

RAM: 16gb

HD: Samsung 250gb SSD

SETUP: Steinberg UR22 / Nektar GX61

PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!! Thank you -

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answered Feb 22 by manfredprothmann (160 points)

I have the same problem with sustain pedal and Studio One 4.6.0 and Windows 10.

I also use UR22. I can see the sustain pedal in the midi monitor but it's not recorded and I can't hear it.

I never have problems with cubase and as a piano player I can not use Studio One. It's very frustrading.

Please help!