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Could I get a PDF of the ebook that doesn't have to be read via Studio One?

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asked Jan 6, 2020 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by John Cornelius (140 points)
I likley would not have known in advace that the Craig Anderton book was Only usable through Studio One.  I rarely read at my mix desk. Look forward to the chapter on sidechaining.

Would it be possible to send a typical pdf? I promise to not share. I'm big on intellectual property.

If not, please send the instructions for integrating into Studio One.


John Cornelius

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answered Jul 13, 2020 by rinkymehra (240 points)

Thank you so much for sharing this helpful information, it helped me alot

Thanks and regards.:)
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answered Jan 8 by gargvarungargvarun (140 points)
Very helpful advice in this particular post! It’s the little changes that make the largest changes. Thanks for sharing!