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How can I get my pc to recognize my audiobox?

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asked Jan 9, 2020 in AudioBox USB by ragajester (120 points)
I recently purchased a condenser mic for my system and I wanted to use it with my audiobox USB 96. In order to do this I utilized the 48v phantom power built into the audiobox but noticed a loud static noise when the phantom power was on. When I plugged the system into a different usb port on my PC I was able to use the mic with no background noise but my pc was unable to recognize the audiobox. I updated the drivers for Universal Control and my USB ports to no avail. To make matters worse when I plugged the box back into the old USB port, it was not recognized by the PC. To try and resolve this issue I have:

Un and reinstalled presonos universal control 3 times using these instructions (

Tried 3 different USB power cables to the box

Updated all USB ports on my computer

Tried 2 different XLR cables for the mic

None of these solutions solved the issue and when I looked at the devices and drivers window on my PC I just see "unknown USB Device" listed next to the usb I plug it into. Any help towards solving this would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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