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Why does my Audiobox USB 96 clip like mad when I use the inputs as a line in? e.g.: CD player, tape deck etc

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asked May 2, 2019 in AudioBox USB by jeremykeating (120 points)
Firstly my Audiobox USB96 works perfectly with a mic plugged into it. But it clips any normal stereo line input signal. Tape deck, CD player etc. I have plugged the aux output of an technics amp into the main inputs of my Audiobox. It clips the signal like mad -even with all the knobs turned down. I have played with the volume on the amp as well. No change. So then I tried plugging the cassette deck straight into the Audiobox = same problem. I have found a fix though > use a compact mixer in the chain to turn the input signal way down before it hits the Audiobox but I should be able to do that on the Audiobox alone. Any ideas why this is such a problem? It's a let down from my last Firestudio unit which was fantastic.

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