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AudioBox USB channel two input has no signal

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asked Jan 16 in AudioBox USB by edwardgreen3 (120 points)
Running Windows 10 with Audiobox USB. Earlier both inputs right and left worked. After restarting computer, no signal in right input. Left input works. Tried connecting various input sources in right input but, no signal. Tested devices on other equipment and all worked fine. Updated software. No change. Why no signal in right input?

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answered Jan 17 by johnellard (3,030 points)
Go into Audio Setup of Studio One and, if need be, delete the inputs and then re-add them. If you have a guitar amp or PA handy, go out of the Audiobox Mains on the back into the amp or PA. And don't overlook the Input knob, Mixer knob, and Main knob on the front. If it works directly going into an amp or PA, then your issue is software configuration--either in Windows or the app you're using.