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Can i use Presonus firestudio and Saffire pro together?

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asked Jan 30, 2016 in FireStudio Series by abel2shred (120 points)
Im wanting to use them together i have a macbook 10.6.8

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answered Feb 11, 2016 by butchrichard (131,170 points)
Ultimately no.  You won't be able to use 2 different devices together.  They are different devices.  They each work in their own way.

You can attempt to use these devices as Apple "class compliant" devices and create an Aggregate Device.  However, the stability, reliability and or functionality cannot be determined and cannot be guaranteed.  You will not find any assistance or support for or with Aggregate devices from any product vendor.  Using devices with your own computer in any way that they were not intended or designed is entirely at your own recognizance and volition.  The responsibility for using devices in ways they were not intended is your own.  You should search for related User Forums for those that may be attempting similar.