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Can the FireStudio Project have a driver for macOS Big Sur ?

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asked Apr 15, 2021 in FireStudio Series by joeycastro (210 points)
recategorized Apr 15, 2021 by -Luis-
I was pretty disappointed upgrading to the Mac OS Big Sur and see that my persons fire studio project  was no longer working with my MacBook Pro. I cannot downgrade back unfortunately. But, I really hope Presonus can create a patch to keep this mixer alive on the new MacOS. I would be extremely greateful!

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answered May 13, 2021 by joachimsoufflet (250 points)
I'm a 4 times owner of those great soundcard. Working very fine and would feel sad about changing it for the only reason that there's no software update.

Presonus guys, I would literally pay money to get a Mac M1 driver for the Firestudio project.

Let's make it happen !

Lots of love
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answered Jun 2, 2021 by raktimsen (550 points)
I cannot upgrade to Big Sur because it Firestudio Project which I love! Please, Presonus, make it happen!

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answered Sep 7, 2021 by larrybagley (250 points)
I had recently purchased the new Mac Mini M1 and cannot hook up my Firestudio Project. Purchased all the necessary cables and spent a ton of money on the Apple to find out I can't not get it to connected. I finally upgraded my apple pro from 2010 and can see spending another 600 on a new interface when this one works flawlessly. Hopefully PreSonus will fix this soon.
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answered Nov 30, 2021 by markporter (200 points)
I also have a firestudio project - it's wonderfully reliable and it's been really useful. I now have to upgrade to Apple silicone machines but would love to be able to continue using the firestudio project with them.

It is such a waste to turn a useful tool in a studio into a piece of useless scrap simply because noone can be bothered to write a software update for it !!  Come on, Presonus, treat your loyal customers with respect.
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answered Feb 14, 2022 by Crispin Gair (180 points)
I own an original FireWire Studiolive 16:0:2 mixer which I still love and use. I think it has the same Firestudio driver? C’mon Presonus - carry on your tradition of taking great care of your customers, make us an ARM compatible driver and save our kit from needless obsolescence. ***