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how to setup multiple monitors presonus 1810c MACBOOK.

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asked Sep 29, 2020 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by lukeahonen (130 points)
I have the presonus 1810c.

im trying to use macs native
"audio midi setup"
to configure my speakers etc.
im not sure if it will work tho.
what i would like is to be able to setup multiple speakers in multiple configurations.
IE. set up 2 sets of monitors and be able to use them at the same time in stereo with a subwoofer.
eventually ide like to play with ambiophonics (first order , 4 channel)

i have 2X dual channel amplifiers.
and a mono amplifier for the SUB.

i want to be able to set the frequencies that go to the sub (adjust  the cutoff)

 this is basically how i want it setup for now.


output 1 - front left
output 2 - front right
output 3- front left
output 4- front right
output 5- sub woofer
output 6 - NOT IN USE

how can i make this happen?


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