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Transfer license

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asked Jan 17 in StudioLive Series III by mauriziolucchini (120 points)
Good morning, you purchased the mixer in question (Presonus Studiolive 32 III) a year ago and now I intend to sell it to a private individual to replace it.
Having registered regularly on the Presonus website, could you indicate the procedure for the transfer? : I have not seen a link for the transfer of licenses but only a button to cancel the registration of the hardware from my profile. Do I just have to cancel the product and then the new customer simply register it once his account is created? The same for the various mixer plugins? Is there any other procedure to follow?

Thanks so much !


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answered Jan 17 by wahlerstudios (103,640 points)
The old owner deregisters the mixer (hardware) and the new owner registers the mixer new. PreSonus has kept this process very easy and user friendy. Just do it... ;-)

Things are different with software, because software is regarded as being connected to a person/owner. But a transfer is possible. Transferring a Studio One licence costs about 25 Euro (which is not much compared to buying Studio One) and I suppose something similiar is going to happen when Fat Channel plug-ins will be transferred.

But this is a new theme. I have never seen it appearing anywhere in Forums, Answers or Facebook. The best way to get an answer would be to open a support ticket, which only can be done when you are a registered owner of hardware. Please report back. The question is getting more and more relevant.