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Transfer license

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asked Oct 28 in Studio One 4 by choibn (170 points)
I transfered studio one4 license to other people.  25 dollers  have already been paid by my credit card. But nothing happened. I still have license for stdio one 4.
I didn't receive any email or any comment about this.
 I asked a question to presonus. But they don't answer to me. Just blow up my 25doller?  What should i do?

3 Answers

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answered Oct 28 by AonAlexander (170 points)
I don't have an answer, just sharing that I am also having this issue. PreSonus Support has not answered me. It's been about 5 days since I first raised a support ticket for them.
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answered Oct 29 by moustaphabamanga (150 points)
Same here, What is going on Presonus ?
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answered Dec 5 by andrrippstein (3,240 points)
the current owner of the license must transfer the sold license to you. He can do that from within his my presous account.