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I cant get audio from the insturments in studio one 4 software

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asked Jan 17 in Studio One 4 by qsqsasdasd (120 points)
i dragged audio tracks into the program and i could hear them but when i try to use my qwerty keyboard it doesnt work or anything

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answered Jan 17 by johnellard (2,940 points)
It sounds like you're trying to use the QWERTY MIDI keyboard on an Audio track. The track must be an Instrument track and you need to be using a MIDI instrument, such as an instrument preset from inside Presence XT, in order for that to work.

If you mean you dragged Presence XT into a track and you're getting no sound out, it's probably because it's set on the "default" instrument preset. Click on that for a dropdown of available instruments, select one, and you should get it playing.

Hope that helps!