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How can I force cue outputs to headphone jack on Firebox (without software mixer)?

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asked May 25, 2022 in FireStudio Series by martyheller (120 points)
I have an old (discontinued) Firebox: still works fine, but functionality is a bit limited now that the software mixer is no longer compatible with my Mac OS (currently running 10.15.7).  It seems that the hardware defaults to sending the main output also to the front-of-box headphone jack.  I have been able to send a cue output (from Ableton Live) to this headphone jack using the software mixer.  
Is there any way to force the hardware to do this by default?  The interface works fine without the mixer, but I would like to have the isolated cue output available (using for DJing).  I hate to have to completely trash this piece just because PreSonus has chosen not to maintain software!

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