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Getting MIDI AND Audio Data to a plugin

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asked Jan 22 in Studio One 4 by jensrotter (260 points)
Hi there,

I am new to Studio one but hours of trying and the use of the search function die not bring me forward, so heres my questio:

I have VST Voice Synth which you can direct your audio to and play notes on the Keyboard to get the audio replayed as chords or whatever you play. I can set it up as an effect, then it gets the audio and with ath would work fine in static mode (like changing pitch or formant)

I can set it as an Instrument, then I see the MIDI notes come in. But in this case, I need both for it to work, so how do I do that?

Many thanks in advance and keep making music!


1 Answer

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answered Jan 27 by jensrotter (260 points)
Just bouncing a bit, does anyone have an idea? If this by any ridiculous reason does not work, at least I would want to know...

@Presonus: I would expect you to answer this ;-)