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Routing MIDI data from single Instrument/MIDI track to multiple recievers - NOT MULTI-INSTRUMENT

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asked Apr 5, 2020 in Studio One 4 by frankvestfall (570 points)


Concrete examples of what I want to be able to do:

  • Have all the Kick drum hits as a single instrument-part/MIDI-file on a track troughout the song.
  • Send those hits to MIDI-compatible plugins like Kickstarter or similar plugins that uses those hits to trigger the FX.
    • As it is now I can make an empty instrument track select the VST as out and trigger the VST. The problem is when I want the Kickstarter pumping on 20+ tracks and I have to manage 20+ duplicate instrument tracks. Can be done, but very inconvenient and messy with editing etc.
Other example:
  • Have a single MIDI track with the chord progression and use it to trigger multiple, Vocoders, Harmonizers, PitchedDelays (like Octavox) etc. 
  • I would ideally like to have the MIDI readily available to trigger any plugin with just a checkmark.
  • The sidechain routing is a perfect example of how this could be implemented. Just a checkmark and audio is sent from any channel to the plugin.
I know it can be set up using virtual MIDI cables and such, but that is a messy bush-fix and can result in syncronization issues. It seem like such an easy and obvious feature to have in any DAW. Am I missing something?

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