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Ghost in the machine! Atom is sending MIDI signals without being touched.

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asked Jan 26 in Atom Pad Controllers by markgowman (120 points)
Purchased 2 Atoms to use in live performance with MainStage a couple months ago. Everything was fine. Plugged it in, MainStage found it, worked the first minute I had it. Suddenly, one of the two controllers has two pads, one in Bank 1 and one in Bank 2 that fire at random and trigger their samples either on a loop or every few seconds. Changing banks triggers it; unplugging and replugging triggers it.

Can't figure out how to do a factory reset or get this to stop.

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answered Mar 21 by scottroney (220 points)
Mine kinda tends to do this sometimes.  It’s a pad that’s kinda sticking a little bit.  Try messing with the pads a little bit.