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Updated ATOM sending/receiving MIDI, but not controlling plugin.

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asked Sep 17, 2020 in Atom Pad Controllers by courtneyclark (120 points)
I have registered the ATOM and updated Universal Control and the ATOM firmware.

Running Windows 10 x64, Studio One Professional

Icon turns blue when Studio One opens.  In the bottom left corner, when I press the controller pads, the MIDI is sending/receiving.  The MIDI log shows everything.

The controls (Setup, Set Loop, Editor, etc.) all seem to work as intended.  However, the controller pads do nothing to the Impact plugins.

What am I missing?

(BONUS - I set up six controllers at the same time - updating the firmware from an updated UC.  The other five are working just fine.)

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answered Jan 12, 2021 by eddyaceti (440 points)
Presonus provided this response to the problem back in may 2019 but so far I haven't seen them provide the fix. I'm now having issues with S1v5 & the atom. Thought buying a presonus pad would avoid connection problems with their own software but I guess not.
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answered Feb 15, 2021 by eddyaceti (440 points)
Something I discovered recently. Check the input selection on the track you are using to record from the Atom. Input selection should either be on "All Inputs" or "Atom". Either has worked but not both at the same time, for other people, so safe to just try all options until it works. Hope this is your solution. Good luck. If you don't see inputs on the track, expand the width of the track to see hidden drop down boxes.