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How can I set the color of the ATOM pads by sending MIDI?

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asked Jan 17 in Atom Pad Controllers by marcora (450 points)
I am thinking of developing a controller script for Bitwig to support the ATOM in MIDI mode. The MIDI mapping section of the manual is pretty good, but I cannot find out whether and (more importantly) how I can set the color and intensity of the pads by sending MIDI to the ATOM from Bitwig.

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answered Jan 19 by marcora (450 points)
I tried sending the CC value that the Atom sends to DAW in MIDI mode when toggling a button (e.g., Play) back at the Atom (with value 0 for off or 127 for on)... but the state/light of the button does not change! It would be nice to have full specs of how to update state of ATOM by sending MIDI messages to it (including button lights and pad lights).