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Pressing stop twice, ends (kills) all audio.

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asked Jan 27, 2020 in Mixing by janhazes (350 points)

Asked for many times in the past.. Would be very handy!

"Sometimes i freak my plug ins and they won't stop making noise. Usually in logic or fl studio I just double tap stop and that works, but I can't seem to figure it out in S1. Any help would be much appreciated!"

"In FL Studio you could press Stop twice to stop all sounds but I cannot seem to find this feature in SO4.
Let me try and explain what I'm looking for.With a lot of synth plugins, they may have their own effects - let's take delay as a convenient example.
If I want to stop the sound dead, including any delay repeats I can't seem to work out how. So if I had delay repeats that went on indefinitely I'd be in a right mess!
Is there a feature I'm missing?"

"Hi there!
I've been experimenting with the S1 demo for quite a while now.
I was wondering if there is anyway to stop all sound coming out of the DAW after i stop the playback via the stop button?
It's very annoying that i simply have to wait till the fx tails fade out, if i want to start a clean playback. I cant find any "panic button" or "stop all sound" option, unlike in many other daws.
Thanks in advance, have a nice day!"

"I wish for an option to stop all effects, so i can implement it into a macro.
Sometimes i want to make edits to an effect like predelay on a huge reverb or feedback on a long delay so freezeing the track is not an option.
Or sometimes i have several effects on many different tracks and donĀ“t want to convert them to audio just to print the effects in.
I think every audio program should be able to silence all audio at any time.
I would really appreciate it if disable all FX or stopping the audioengine would be implemented.
Thank you."

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