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Render to Audio and playback issue

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asked Jan 30, 2020 in Studio One 4 by dbray6714 (190 points)
Basic Info:

Studio One 4.6 and Presonus Studio 1824-C interface connected via USB-C.  32GB Ram / I7 9700 & Win10 Pro


I take my Addictive Drums 2 tracks (I output all AD2 tracks to DAW), apply some VSTs to tracks as necessary.  So at the end I will have 11 individual tracks.  Everything plays back just fine.  I go and 'renter to audio' and when it's done, I am unable to playback anything.  I can hit play but no sound occurs even though meters on both SO4 and 1824-C display.  If I Save, Close and Reopen the Song everything plays just fine.  Unfortunately, it doesn't just happen with AD2.  It can be on actual audio tracks too and it's somewhat random.  One vocal track will require the Save, Close and Reopen but another audio track will not.  A Piano Virtual Instrument might suddenly require it but a Synth VI won't.  

Has anyone else ever experienced this and if so, how do I fix it because it's a pain top constantly Save, Close and Reopen?  Incidentally, if I render BACK to the original state, the playback works - it's only when rendering TO audio.  Also - in case someone was going to ask...  makes no difference how many or which VSTs plugins are on a track or tracks.  Same issue occurs.

Any help would be appreciated.



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