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Studio One 4 lost focus so stops play back

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asked Mar 18, 2019 in Studio One 4 by sghose (700 points)
I have my SO4, 2/3 other applications opened on my DAW PC [Yamaha Studio Manager, rtpMIDI, Notepad etc]

While have SO4 playing back if I click Notepad or any other icon on the task bar to open that application SO4 stops immediately, doesn't continue play back so that I can take notes on the notepad. I also tried not keeping the SO4 window maximized i.s. keeping both SO4 and notepad side by  side. But as soon as I click on the notepad i.e. SO4 in not in focus it stops.

Is there any option to keep the SO4 continue playback and I can work on other application Window?


Snehankur Ghose

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