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Allow us to insert a CD track easier

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asked Feb 1 in Mastering by tothrec (10,680 points)

Most CD authoring software allows you to insert a new CD track anywhere Redbook would allow you to do so. Apparently Studio One expects you to split up your tracks before you import them or import the same track multiple times.

Yes, if you do it just right, you *can* create multiple CD tracks for a multi-section/song WAV audio file, but it is not easy nor is it intuitive.  

The Feature Request:

Creating a new CD track  should be something you can do with:
a) a Keyboard Shortcut or

b) right-click option on the timeline 

If right-click on the timeline, my only options are about looping or setting playback values.

If I select a song and Alt-X, it just splits it without creating a new track

Would anyone else like this to be easier/more intuitive?  Please vote.

Thank you,


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