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CPU Spikes when using Presence XT SOv4.5

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asked Feb 1, 2020 in Studio One 4 by jeffhollywood (130 points)
Hello there, Using one instance of Presence XT does not seem to be a problem. Only when 2 instances are used, the problem arises. If one instance is muted, the problem goes away. The problem is, when one instance (any sound it doesn’t matter) is playing and you try to record another track using another instance of presence, the CPU spikes and drops causing pops, stuttering and weird electronic noises. When you hit stop, the last note played will decay very slowly until it ends. The CPU returns to normal.

The CPU before the spike is between 8-15%. Of course tried all settings, buffers etc. If I mute the 2nd track, or any 1 of the 2 Presence tracks it does not do this. Also, if both tracks are unmuted, the problem does not occur until the 2nd tracks midi data is reached. If I use an asio4all driver it does not happen. It happens using the original driver and the Universal Controller driver. FYI, this does not happen in SOv2. I am using a Presonus 22 VSL. It seems to me that, there is a resource issue within memory that when the 2 instances are used together, they try to use the same mem addresses and spike the CPU.

The problem only seems to occur in Presence. Presonus support has been of no help, and seem quite amateur in my opinion.They want access to my system and as of their responses to my issue... I’m not willing to give them that. From what I see online, this is a wide issue although they keep pointing to my system. I was afraid of upgrading because of this reason.  Im hoping someone here can help me out. Anything else u need let me know. This is my first time posting. Forgive me if I left something out  

Have a great day!

Presonus AudioBox 22 VSL, Intel I5 CPU, 8GB RAM, SOv4.5, Fader Port (single fader, original unit)

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answered Feb 22, 2020 by aka_busker (32,870 points)
Hi Jeff.  

What I5 are you using?  Have you tried changing the block size in the song options?  I use a block size of 1024 for tracking.  Especially when using multiple vst instruments.  It could be too high a bit depth for you CPU. What sample rate are you using?  Does it happen with a 44.1/16 bit track or 48.8khz/64 bit?  

As for accessing your system, "they" (support) use a limited function connection you can cut at any time.  If you're worried, film the experience with obs.  I have experience of "them" using a remote app with me and they didn't install anything they shouldn't.

Your spec sheet is too vague. What i5 - 2500k? What operating system?  What else is running while you only have 8Gig of Ram?