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How can I get my FirePod (FP10) to work with my MacBook Pro again?

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asked Feb 1, 2020 in Legacy Interfaces by aarond5 (150 points)
I have a great fully functional FirePod (FP10) interface which I love & have taken great care of. It has alway connected and worked flawlessly with my MacBook Pro, I have a thunderbolt to firewire adapter and I have never had any issues recording tracks in Ableton Live and GarageBand with my FirePod and this Mac. Now all of the sudden my MacBook won't recognize the interface, I guess after the Cat. Update, The FirePod connection light still turns blue, but I cannot record anything.

Is there some way to fix this disaster? Is there any possible way for me to use my FP10 Interface with this Laptop??? (the same laptop I have been using it with for 2 years..)

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answered Feb 1, 2020 by wahlerstudios (105,310 points)
selected Feb 6, 2020 by AlexTinsley
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Correct, the problem is called Catalina. It says on the FP10 download page for macOS 10.15 Catalina: "No Installers downloads available for macOS 10.15 Catalina." There is more information available in the Knowledge Base in the "Apple macOS X 10.15 Compatibility Statement". Here are the links: