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MIDI Connection Won't Work Sometimes

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asked Feb 5 in Studio One 4 by benakatsa (120 points)

Hello there,,

The following is what I have in my set up.

The MIDI connection between my MIDI keyboard and Studio One sometimes and for no reason, just won't work. Usually, it WILL work for a while but then for some unexplainable reason, it just won't work. This happens both with my MIDI keyboard and a drum machine that I am using by sending start/stop MIDI messages through Studio one. 

I try reconnecting the device in the audio set up but that doesn't help. Even restarting my PC and the midi devices (keyboard and drum machine) won't help.

Most times the problem will surface when I have turned everything off.

What can I do to ensure that the MIDI connection will be reliable? Or what can I troubleshoot to determine the root cause?

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