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Why does the mixer keep dropping connection via usb to the Apple IMAC computer, Why won't presonus fix this bug?

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asked Jul 23, 2022 in StudioLive Series III by fletchdozier (220 points)
My brand new studiolive 32 sx keeps disconnecting from computer/universal audio. Seems that this issue has existed for some time now. Are there any plans to fix this bug? Can I return this unit, get my money back and buy more Universal Audio racks?  :(

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answered Aug 19, 2022 by mathewdale (320 points)
Having the same issue... would like answers!
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answered Aug 29, 2022 by johannesbiegl (480 points)
Hey man !

I also have / had the same problems with my 32r and with my 32sc with different apple computers. what worked for me is that I pulled my 32sc back on factory firmware (v2.2) . On the 32r there was a newer version as factory preset and that one also lost the connection to apple computers which forced my to sell the 32r again. :(

This worked for the last year. Last week I tried again a new firmware update on the 32sc and got the same problem again which forced me again to get back to factory firmware.

Presonus you have to solve that !!!!
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answered Oct 6, 2022 by double trouble (240 points)
I've had the same issue on both of my 24R mixers and there answer was to go back to old firmware and wait for a fix that was nearly twelve months ago. I don't think Presonus care about customer support and product servicing as long as they get there sales.

have decided to drop this company as I've had nothing but disappointed service from the start.

failed Rm16ai mixer cant be fixed.

cs18 cant use on anything else (only done 4 shows )

2* 24R mixers with drop out problems

no support equals good bye and have order a Allen & Heath SQ-5 mixer and stage box just waiting to turn up and off load Presonus.
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answered Apr 30 by taggartsnyder (300 points)
Same here with my 32r. Love the unit, but not always. So, to go back to the original firmware, would I need to do a factory reset?
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answered Sep 13 by colinwillsher (280 points)
Still no answer on this post? I have the same issue but it's got worse recently with no changes to either firmware or Mac OS. It now drops every few seconds. It reconnects with a power cycle but loses it again seconds later. It's becoming next to useless. But £2k worth of useless!

Can someone from Presonus kindly respond?

I am on 2.5.84445 and Mac OS 12.0.1