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Why won't my MIDI automation work unless I solo and un-solo the track?

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asked Nov 5, 2021 in Studio One 5 by alejandromontanez (140 points)

I have seen a couple of questions similar to this but some key details were different so that's why I am asking again for my specific case. I have seen a lot about automation not translating to mixdown, which isn't my problem. Rather, my automation doesn't work in the session so I can't hear what I've just done. I have checked to make sure that the power button is turned on for automation, and everything is set to read. I am only using default Studio One instruments, so there's no way for a weird VST to be the culprit, and this only seems to be an issue with midi, not audio tracks. The other weird thing is that when I press play, VISUALLY I can see the automation working, i.e. I can see the volume slider or pan or whatever physically moving in mixer view, but I don't HEAR the automation. I'm starting to go a bit insane. The only thing that works is if I solo the track in question, it will suddenly update and jump to whatever level the automation is at that exact point, but even then the automation doesn't continue working; I have to keep doing this every few seconds to keep updating it. What is happening :(

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