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Can u use Roland SPDS sounds through midi not as a trigger?

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asked Feb 7 in Studio One 4 by scottdyce (120 points)
Im trying to use my Roland spds drum module through midi cable’s in / out to the back of my audio box usb 96 audio box. Is there anyway to use the sounds from the drum module through S/1 without a third party vst. Basically just hear what I’m playing on the drum pad?

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answered Feb 22 by aka_busker (6,550 points)
Hi Scott,

If the Roland machine I saw is yours - does it have jack outputs?  

If so, you'll need a passive D/i and some leads.  The usb96 doesn't have line inputs, but its seems your kit does have what looks like line outs.  You will need to bring the instrument to mic level.