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is there a audio warp function in studio one artist

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asked Feb 9 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by markusvogl1 (260 points)
Dear community, my question is about a function in Studio One 4 Artist because i am thinking about changing from Cubase to Studio one. In Cubase there is a function called "Audio Warp", where you can move single transients between two "anchors ", for example when you were a little too fast or slow with your guitar and you are not tight to the drums,...So you can move the transient without cutting and moving a whole part of the guitar this possible in Studio One Artist? Thanks a lot:)

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answered Feb 11 by colinotoole (2,320 points)
selected Feb 11 by markusvogl1
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Yes, this is possible. It's called 'audio bend' and you drag and reposition 'bend markers' to make the changes you want. Bend markers can be inserted manually or from transient detect function.
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answered Feb 11 by markusvogl1 (260 points)
hey man, thanks a lot:)