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assign talkback

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asked Feb 9 in StudioLive Series III by christianvera2 (190 points)

Hi, I'm Christian. I acquired a studiolive 32R. I need to know, how do I assign a talckback to a channel for use?

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answered Feb 14 by jonnydoyle (274,530 points)
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  • To assign Talkback to a specific channel: (Ch 6. for example)
    • Choose Channel 12 for example that has the TB mic connected to it or any channel you have it connected too. 
    • Un-Assign this Channel from the "Main" in the top left corner.
  • Press the settings "Gear" in the top right corner to go to the home page.
    • Navigate to "Digital Patching"
    • Then navigate to "Input Patch" 
    • Scroll down the Analog Input Patch until you see "TB" on the left side.
    • Assign TB to be "Mic/Line 12."
  • Input 12 on the 32R Series III should now be your Talkback Mic.
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answered Feb 14 by christianvera2 (190 points)
Thank you very much for your answer. Is there a possibility that you explain it with images? I still can't assign it