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Talkback function routing from SL3 32 to SL3 32R in Monitor mix Mode?

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asked Mar 13, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by tobiasmaislinger (260 points)
Hi there!

We recently got a new system setup with the StudioLive series 3 32 in combination with the 32R for independent inear mix.

 I’m having trouble to route the Talkback „function“ via AVB to the 32R , so that the musicians can here me for soundcheck. I’m running the 32R in Monitor mix Mode. It works fine when I’m using a normal analog input on the console, but therefore I’m burning 1 channel and that’s not my intention.

Is there a way to send the TB via AVB Stream to the fixed TB channel on the 32R???

Pls help me out :)

Thanks and kind regards!

1 Answer

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answered Mar 20, 2019 by danielsievert (11,820 points)
I have an SL16R which - as you say - burns one analog input channel for talkback. However, the talkback channel input source can be set to Network. If you go to the AVB section of your Digital Patching page (in Settings) you can then nominate an AVB channel for your Talkback channel to reveive from.

On your SL32 mixer you can set its Talkback channel to send on the same AVB channel and hopefully that will then make the connection you need. That is, when you hit the Talk button on your mixer end the signal should go through to the talkback channel of your SL32R III.

Probably best to keep Talk always engaged on your SL32R III so that it's open when you press Talk on the mixer end.

Hope that helps.