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Signal displaying on StudioLive Series III on wrong channel

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asked Jul 5 in StudioLive Series III by philippvonbselager (260 points)

I have:

  • StudioLive Series III 24 console in DAW mode with firmware
  • StudioOne

StudioOne was playing a playback track on channel "Playback" (channel number 15). StudioOne showed the playback signal "lights" correctly on channel 15.

On StudioLive, the little channel name displays on the console showed all channels correctly. "Playback" on the small display of channel 15. But, StudioLive showed the signal visualization playing on channel 13 instead, both on the 3 console's LEDs and the big display in the upper right (when I selected channel 13). Still, StudioLive reacted to the movement of channel fader 15. So, displaying and fader action were not on the same channel in StudioLive.

There were two FX channels on 11 and 12. Maybe that caused a number conflict.

The problem occurred immediately after I had opened the project and switched then to DAW mode on the console.

The problem disappeared after I had moved the playback event from one track to another in StudioOne (to check out) and pressed some Solo and Mute buttons. Suddenly, the signal was displayed on channel 15 correctly.

I have a photo documenting the wrong state. I can also send the project file.

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