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Can I run speaker outputs from the Studiolive 32R and 32SC at the same time?

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asked Jul 2 in StudioLive Series III by ian58 (120 points)
I have a Studiolive 32R and plan to purchase a 32SC to operate the board.

Can I run speak outputs from both units at the same time?

The 32R is closer to our main speakers, and the 32SC is closer to our recording and monitor outputs, so it makes sense to run separate outputs.

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answered Jul 12 by robertweston2 (7,790 points)
In a basic setup (non digital-snake), yes you can.  Though, the question you presented did not include a lot of other information to determine how you would plan to run the consoles (analog/digital), FOH/Mon, and what are the purposes of the speakers would be.