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Any upcoming discount for Studio One 4 Pro

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asked Feb 12 in Studio One 4 by willemdillen (160 points)
I want to buy Studio One 4 Pro but it's way to expensive for me atm.

I know there is Splice but i'm not much into subscription based stuff.

Also there is no hardware i can buy which includes SO at least nothing i need at the moment.

Anyone know if they have upcoming 50% off or something ?

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answered Feb 22 by aka_busker (16,290 points)
Download and install studio one prime.  It's free and you have a news feed which details discounts as and when they happen.  

The cheapest way to go is buying something (hardware) with studio one artist bundled in and go thru the upgrade route.  Or you could find a user who has spare artist keys, buying them off a user and then upgrade that way.   Sometimes you can get cheaper artist keys via Reverb.  I doubt anyone would be selling the Pro version on Reverb or other second user selling platform.  

People tend to leave Logic or Pro Tools and then get Studio one Pro as a replacement which means you don't see Studio One Pro keys on the second user market.