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What is this Bus track and why can't I see it in the console?

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asked Feb 17, 2020 in Studio One 4 by alexruimy (930 points)

Please see screenshot.

I am new to Studio One, but this has happened several times already and I can't find an answer.

There is an extra Bus track (the one titled ????? in the screenshot) that does not appear in the console's list of tracks, or as a fader. I change its name and color, and click "Apply Track Names to Channels" and nothing happens, but when I open its inserts, I get the inserts of BG VOX, a totally different track. 

I'm certain I'm missing something simple here, would appreciate some guidance.

1 Answer

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answered Feb 20, 2020 by tothrec (31,840 points)
In console view, click on the wrench icon under the I/O.

Under Visibility, select "Link show/hide of Track List and Console"