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simultaneous 3 channel Monitoring on Monitor Station V2

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asked Jun 15, 2021 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by alaindessauvage (120 points)
Hi all,

I'm a video editor and used to monitor 3.0 audio (L-R-C) with my Denon DN-500AV HMDI pre-amp. The amp was connected to three Eris E5 monitors.

Sadly the amp has died, and I'm looking for an alternative.

Is it possible to simultaneously monitor 3 different channels on 3 different speakers using the Monitor V2 ?

So I would connect Left and Right to input ST1 and Center to input ST2. I then would need to route ST1 to speakers A and ST2 to speakers B. Simultaneously of course. Is this possible?



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