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How to Set Reamping Up With UAD Apollo USB

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asked Feb 21 in Studio One 4 by brentmolea (170 points)

Hello! I am new to this DAW and was wondering how to set up reamping through my UAD Apollo.

I have two tracks, my DI track and then the Reamp track, not sure how to set the I/O to get the DI signal to run through my gear

Here is my chain
Apollo USB Apollo Twin (Line out 3) > Into a Radial JCR reamp box (into Balanced input via 1/4 inch/XLR cable) > Then into my Peavey 6505+ (from signal out into front of amp) > Into Two Notes Torpedo Live (into the speaker input) > Then Back into Apollo (Mic line 1 from the line out of Two Notes via 1/4 inch/XLR cable)

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