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Add QMix capabilities to Studio One Pro.

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asked Feb 24, 2020 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by michaelroy1 (290 points)
It would be extremely helpful if Studio One Pro came with QMix so that a band recording simultaneously through a Quantum could adjust their personal monitor mixes on the fly without having to go do it on the computer.    


Michael Roy

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answered Feb 24, 2020 by peterbaird (920 points)
Not sure if I'm understanding you correctly.  QMix is a free app for IOS devices that controls various hardware mixers in the Presonus lineup via wifi.  Unless the Quantum has an internal mixer (and it might for all I know) QMix wouldn't have anything to say to it.

As far as S1 goes, could you get by with an iPad running Studio One RC?  That also gives you a way to have somebody in the band control the transport.

I have a 32R, so I can offer a separate mix to all the band members when recording or performing.  It can become a little complicated when doing overdubs, because you have to keep track of which channels are coming back from S1 via USB and which ones are live inputs.  I tend to just bring a stereo mix in from S1 with whatever people need on it and allow them to add it to their cans mixes as they prefer.