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How do I fix headphone output insane bleeding into line/inst (hi-z) input?

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asked Jun 20, 2023 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by andresprass (160 points)
Guys, something very unpleasant is happening (OUT OF NOTHING):

While I'm rehearsing, tracking or actually recording my guitar input into Studio One 5 Artist, whatever I'm doing, the hi-z input is picking up the headphones output signal. Yes, be amazed.

It's like the signal from the headphones jack is bleeding into the hi-z input. It is chaos. I nearly lost my hearing due to shockingly loud feedback when I turned up the guitar plugin's overdrive gain.

And I managed to record a comparison where, in the first instance, I'm recording the input of the guitar signal listening to the return through the headphones and, in the second, without the headphones plugged into the rear input.

// Take 1 (tracking with a background tutorial video from YouTube):

// Take 2 (same as above, but with headphones unplugged):

The second, total silence, perfect recording. Everything the way it has to be. No gain staging, volume or feedback issues.

The moment I plug the headphones into the dedicated jack, everything falls apart. The hi-z input suddenly and indescribably picks up whatever is coming out of the headphones.

Anyway, I've had the PreSnus Studio24c for almost a year and a half and I've never had this problem. Literally overnight this happened. I didn't change the guitar, I didn't change settings, I didn't set up new inputs. Immobile. Intact.

On a Monday morning, I plugged everything in and: surprise.

Has anyone ever experienced this? How do I fix? Do I need to send in for a repair and replace the rear headphone output jack?

Apparently it's 100% hardware problem.

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