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What i like to see in studio one 4

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asked Feb 23, 2019 in Studio One 4 by supereastwood (1,880 points)
1. I like the mixer level knobs in studio one 2 better than 4
2. The pan slider should be  turning knob on tracks like hiw bitwig studio looks
3. I like the arrow on the track in studio one 2 better than 4
4. Find a way to make things to look less cluttered in studio one 4, SIMPLICITY
5. we should have multiple automation meaning use on knob from my keyboard and connect it to more than on knob on vst plugin.
6. Automation should be more simple. Press a button then turn a knob
7. Impact drum pads needs to match the drum pads on my midi keyboard
8. Impact drum pad colors should show same colors on my midi keyboard pads
9. Favorite folders for presets
10. Better search options for sounds ect EXAMPLE! hashtags,save presets using hashtags,modulation presets,effect preset,dry preset,ect LIKE BITWIG STUDIO. we have to many sounds to go through each one.

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