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Midi on the Fly

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asked Feb 27 in FaderPort 16 by georgegalanos1 (2,070 points)
How do you actually activate Midi on the fly Mode? I assume you mean that, when FP16 is on SO mode, you can switch to midi mode to use it as a controller then back to normal again. Is that the way it is supposed to work??

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answered Feb 27 by aka_busker (6,960 points)

Switching from native to midi mode requires a hardware reset.  It require powering down, holding a button combo as you repower and then selecting midi mode.  

You would then have to repeat this to get it back to native mode again.  

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answered Feb 27 by georgegalanos1 (2,070 points)
Hi and thanx for the response. I am aware of the reset holding down the mute buttons 1&2 method. The term "on the fly midi mode", seems to point to a different direction, that they actually figured out a way to switch the unit just like you do with Sends or Plugins or something like that, and that's the reason I thought I'd ask. :) To my understanding that would logically be something to call "on the fly"