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Is it normal for the the Pre Amp on my AR8 to be so weak? I am barely getting signal to the software with ta microphone

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asked Mar 2 in Studio One 4 by jerrydavis8 (160 points)
When I use a microphone, an SM58, for an acoustic guitar or vocals with my AR8 I am barely getting signal to the Studio One software. I have to turn it wide open. So loud I get a mild hum even though I'm working with headphones. Is this normal?

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answered Mar 3 by themuzic (15,190 points)
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With a non-powered mic (dynamic) the answer is yes. Some mixers will need a major boost from the Input gain to get a strong signal. If the boost you give it becomes noisy you may want to try a different mic to see if you get the same results or submit a ticket with Presonus.
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answered Mar 23 by saab1 (570 points)
I´ve tried both, a dynamic mic (Beta58A) an two condenser mics (SM86 and Beta87A). I was checking the levels in Capture and I had to turn the gains on the AR8 to maximum for all of the three mics to get an hardly sufficient level for normal speaking. Is this a normal behaviour for AR8? I´ve read about better preamps with AR8c, can anybody confirm?