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NO Input Signal Indicators (green light) while I record (sound is good ). Is it normal?

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asked Jun 17 in AudioBox USB by alecteucilide (200 points)

I m new at this. I ve set up a small bedroom studio with computer (MacBook Pro with Catalina), a mic (rode NT1-A), an audio interface (AudioBox iTwo) and DAW (Studio One Artist). So far all good, I m able to record myself singing. However if I m not mistaken when the mic receives sound (while being plugged to the audio interface and the gain knob that goes with that microphone is "activated" - or turn on in other words) the Input Signal Indicator is supposed to display a green light right? (which turns red if you have clipping right?). In my case everything seems to be working fine (I set the gain knob a little more than half way through) and I am able to record stuff from the mic but the Input Signal Indicator is always off (no green light nor red light)...the LED does work however, since it beeps for a second or so with a green light when I plug the audio interface into the USB port of my computer...Is this normal? I am doing something wrong? Is there something wrong with my AudioBox?

Any help or suggestion would be much appreciated :)


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