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BFD3を起動させたい。/ I want to start BFD3

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asked Mar 2 in Studio One 4 by gdiiwqts (160 points)

I purchased studio one 4 professional. I want to start BFD3, but it does not appear in the plugin. Is the saved folder wrong? I am using windows8 and the destination is C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ VST2 \ BFD3. Answer please.

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answered Mar 2 by AlexTinsley (907,080 points)
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The default library has always been: C:\Program Files\vstplugins

If you're using a different directory, you'll need to add it to your list of locations for VST Plugins in Studio One Options.

Click on Studio One Menu, click on Options, (shortcut is control + comma), then select Locations icon and VST Plug-ins Tab. 

Click the "Add" button to navigate to the folder you have your plugin installed in and click on Select Folder to add that new directory.