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All tracks should be hybrid tracks (instrument&Audio) and you can link single MIDI events to every VSTi how you want!

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asked Dec 30, 2018 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by Michael1985 (8,990 points)
No more fixed linked tracks to a mixer channel! hybrid tracks which can have MIDI and audio events and MIDI tracks which events can be linked to VSTis freely, also as many VSTis to ONE MIDI event as you want!

Now you need a track for every single instrument with its effects. Same with audio: If you want to use audio, you need an audio track. If you want different effects for different audio, you need different audio tracks. If you want to use different VSTis for MIDi, you need different MIDI tracks. If you want different effects for the same VSTi, you need two MIDI tracks a.s.o.(Yes, you can solve some of the stuff with event fx but they are not automatable.)

But what about VSTis which are not dedicated to MIDi tracks but can be linked to every MIDi event you want? So you can use ONE MIDI track for an array of different instruments. And the automation of their FXes of the insert section are always with the MIDI event as usual, but on one MIDI track if needed (they are different for every event if wanted)

And what about it if there are no audio and MIDI traxcks anymore but hybrid tracks? So you can have an audio event after an MIDi event on the same track with the effects of the instrument track if wnated. Or with its own FXes which are with the audio event or with the group of audio events which are linked with an audio track.

The same with MIDI events, you can link instrument/Bus mixer channels to MIDI events how you want! So you can link as many instruments, effect channels as you want to ONE MIDI track! This is totally freedom if you have no more hardlinked arrangement track to any mixer channel.

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answered Dec 31, 2018 by mciv (1,020 points)
Hybrid tracks are great idea for me. Midi related stuff could just ignore audio event.
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answered Jan 1, 2019 by robertgray3 (39,200 points)

Maybe toss in a vote for this FR for more simple assigning of MIDI data to a effects plugins midi input. It seems like that would address one of your main gripes and has more a chance of getting done sooner on S1.

Mentioning this because I prefer the sequencer / mixer paradigm of Studio One (and Cubase and a few others) as the dilineation simplifies lots of things especially in terms of mixing. Upvoted only for the ability to more simply assign MIDI data to effects without creating duplicate tracks

I used to be a “hybrid tracks” guy back when I used REAPER but I now grew to like that when i use instrument tracks for sequencing my external instruments I dont have to manually hide them in the mixer page. When you’re ITB hybrid tracks feels like it saves time but the more my setup expanded the more it helped to have separate audio, instrument, bus, and automation tracks

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answered Dec 20, 2019 by joofarinha (190 points)
Yeah, for me, being able to send midi from one track to several destinations/instruments is very useful.

I'm very surprised to discover S1 does not support this, seems to be simple thing to do.