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Studio One Live Gig Performer Version

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asked Mar 4 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by ozgunmeric1 (300 points)
Can you Studio One software like a MainStage for use in live performance. Even its name Studio One Live... :)

I'm a keyboard player and If Studio One live gig version born, it's so cool.

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answered Mar 4 by joegilder (13,660 points)
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While we don't have an official "MainStage" option, you could still create your own live performance session, using the regular Song page as your live mixer. Not the perfect solution, but worth playing with.
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answered Mar 4 by ozgunmeric1 (300 points)
But It should be "Settlement" like in MainStage. Quick Add Midi Controller, Faders, Knobs, Mapping, Live Looping, Concert Mode, Set list, Patch list, Perform Mode etc..
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answered Mar 5 by bennyr1 (1,930 points)
I like a live mode too. look at mixcraft, or motu digital performer. they are a normal sequencer and later live mode is add. most important s1 need a feature to trigger phrases(s1 named it events). if this feature is possible then can better play live. for example in a track can stand in the event name the midi trigger key. when on a midi keyboard this key is press then s1 play this event(phrase).
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answered Mar 5 by ozgunmeric1 (300 points)
What I want is exactly the same feature of "StudioOne" is exactly the same as "MainStage".